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Cooperation partner

Network  -  competence

PGUB has been the automotive cooperation
partner of Simbiosis since 2016.

Our topics in the joint consulting projects are, on cost optimization for new series products,
as well as know-how contribution to our
automotive customers in the E/E sector.


Swift Act GmbH has been a cooperation partner in the area of embedded software solutions since 2023.

Proven expertise in the areas of automotive and functional safety,

Placement of experts from Egypt with implementation at the customer location.



The cooperation with the electronic component tool Silicon Expert has existed since 2018.

We offer our customers the following services as a standard:
- Life cycle management components

- Risk assessment components

- Alternatives / Multisourcing

Akadia Power has been a German-speaking recruiter since 2020.
Applicants working abroad.

We see this as an additional option to fill vacancies, especially when filling interim positions at our customers.


Olmatic has been supporting us with cost analyzes and savings projects since 2022 in the energy supply sector (electricity).

The focus is on complete solutions in power supply using PV, storage systems and AI-based controls.


DECCA Electronic is an experienced industry insider in the area of active and passive semiconductor components.

A long-standing, international and trustworthy partner for

- Final stock of components

- Missing parts management electronics

- ODM product development

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